“like science, style requires research, experimentation and funding.”

As I stood in front of the huge rack of seemingly never-ending line of bodily shaped like figures, the choice was mine. Which do I pick? A choice I had to make before what seemed to be the end of the world. It was like electricity running through my veins as I glazed my fingers across every single one of them. Some cold to the human touch, but others, seemed to be calling out to me. I analyzed every single bit of detail that appeared before my eyes, from its precise cuts right down to the minute embellishments that seemed to draw me in with every blink of an eye. It was now or never. Such is the importance of fashion in people’s lives.

Fashion requires the imaginative thinking of freedom.

Science is filled with the limitless possibilities in the world.

Both an innovation, a creation of mankind.

To be or not to be is the question.

Think back when you were 3 years old. Like other 3 year olds, you had boundless of questions that spilled out of your tiny mouth as you gazed, eye-wide, mouth agape at every bright, colourful, fast-moving objects you thought was edible. Hands outreached, to make what you thought were art, from that ball of purple playdoh. Your inventiveness knew no boundaries. Colour pencils seemed to be the only joy in your life. Colouring hair green and grass purple. Decisions made right at your fingertips with every brand new idea that struck your small yet imaginative mind. Who would judge you then? No one.

Now, fashion in the 20th century, has introduced the most eccentric ideas of mankind. Inspiration breeds fashion. An increasing number of styles are produced every day by designers. Fashion is no longer just apparel, an art form, a visually appealing object that is acceptable in society. It has crossed the lines as it has evolved through time. Fashion, is now, explored by the incredible works of inventions, coupled with technology as we witness eye-catching lighted up dresses, aesthetically appealing to some, that look like human form of decorations of sorts. It has evolved to become, like science, a proven statement, a fact made by individuals whose voices are heard and stories told through their works.

Science sʌɪəns/ noun

The intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.

What clothes that skeletal frame of ours? Bare to the human touch, but it is the very frame each and every designer works closely with to create the perfect figurine. The process of making a piece of what I see as a bodily shaped figure is just like a science experiment. It requires in-depth research, the thought process of the style, the different materials used, the myriad of colours, the embellishments, right up to the measurements, to make the seemingly perfect dress for a night out. This is followed by making our own choices as we pick out the perfect one from the rack and bear full identity and ownership of this particular piece. As we clothe ourselves, we become one with the cloth. Every small detail matters, like how every exact amount of chemicals are used in an experiment.

All these choices we make are based on our individual preferences. As an individual, we are used to conform to societal conventions and norms that provide us with a sense of belonging. However, times have changed, allowing us to be bolder, to speak up for ourselves. And fashion, has since provided us with an avenue to do so.

“I always find beauty in things that are odd and imperfect – they are much more interesting.” – Marc Jacobs.

We need to see Fashion in a different perspective, not just the ideal beauty that seems impossible to attain, but rather to be you, unfazed of judgement, and to be able express your personality and attitude through fashion.

To feel accepted, one should be able to accept oneself. That is the first move to make a difference in our lives. Fashion is for everyone, and today, as Science plays an important role in countless, multifold inventions, innovations for the purpose of making a difference in peoples’ lives, our minds are also filled with millions of ideas that are awaiting their chance to be experimented with.

One style icon I greatly admire is none other than Audrey Hepburn, who was a woman not afraid of stepping out of the conventions that her society provided her with. She was not afraid of wearing pants (or a suit!) which were only associated with men at that time. Hepburn had her own unique style and it reflected her strong, independent and confident self that was greatly looked upon by many women.

“Why change? Everyone has their own style. When you have found it, you should stick to it.” – Audrey Hepburn. 

Similarly, science is the breakthrough of a lone genius. Think back again, bell bottom jeans, mismatched top and bottoms, such fashion has been revived in the 20th century and believe it or not we are all destined to be our own designers. As individuals, we all have a choice, and we are free to make these choices.

To be or not to be. As individuals, we are to be our own inventors of ourselves.

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